Things are never as they seem. They are always what you make of them.

MG 9424
Lounge chair
MG 9438
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Luggage stand

Custom Made Solutions

The realization of a project with custom-made products is a special, targeted and particular path. For optimal implementation, each individual project requires full flexibility and quality.

Our many years of experience combined with the technical and organizational expertise of our team make custom-made products our “specialty”.

The individuality of each custom-made product gives the entire design a recognizable uniqueness and conveys exclusivity. In this way, we not only adapt the products to special dimensions, but also bring them into line with the overall concept and their particular requirements.

“We only work with qualified manufacturing partners in Europe and utilize the strength of each individual here as well.”

Our products for the indoor and outdooor area are optimally tailored to the special requirements with the highest precision, thanks to many years of experience in the area of ship and hotel interiors.

The collections and models impress with their design and quality.